Monday, 3 October 2011

THYME RUNING OUT - Now Available!

"THYME RUNNING OUT" (The Tartan of Thyme, Part 2) has now been officially released - so for all those who couldn't make it to the Cotswold Booklaunch, it is now at last available throughout the UK. Please head into your local book shops and get them to order your copy ... and while you're at it, you might suggest they order a few of the new JUSTIN THYME paperbacks for stock!

If you'd like to find out more about TRO - I've just discovered an excellent review of it over at Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books Blog - (scroll down to September 15th). Thank you, Mr R - I'm glad you enjoyed revisiting Thyme Castle after the long wait!

Friday, 30 September 2011

Book Collectors' Database

News for book collectors ...
The JUSTIN THYME web site now was a Book Collectors' Database. This will ensure collectors get accurate information about the Tatan of Thyme books ... editions, print runs, dates, signatures, doodles and bookplates ... as well as full details of promotional items available for both the Inside Pocket imprints of JT and TRO, and the original Interrobang JT.
To access the database simply enter "book collector" at the password page, or click here.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

TRO - The Bookplated 100

As with the original edition of JUSTIN THYME, the first 100 copies of THYME RUNNING OUT have now been bookplated and numbered.

The bookplate designs are new, but, like the previous bookplated 100, are all double-signed by Panama Oxridge and one of the author's anagram pseudonyms. These are also fingerprinted and stamped with a letter (all 100 spelling out a mystery message).

There are nine different bookplate designs, each limited to a prime number (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19 and 23 - totalling 100). So, for example, the five bookplated copies featuring Eliza the Gorilla are obviously rarer than the twenty-three showing Nessie.

Each book comes with a matching double-signed bookmark and postcard.

The #1 copy has all 100 anagram signatures, plus a photo of "Panama Oxridge" concealing the author's real name and signature hidden beneath.

If you're interested in owning one of these unique copies, they are available from Anderida Books - although it appears they're selling out quite quickly.

More news for book collectors coming later this week ...

Monday, 12 September 2011


On Friday morning, still half-asleep, I found myself waiting at the village station, ready to start my two-day TRO adventure. I'm not overly fond of travelling through the single dimension of space, (spatiotemporal transport is more my style) - and, to make matters worse, my reserved seat just happened to be next to some abandoned luggage, creating a delay while "security" examined and removed it! Otherwise, the journey went smoothly, and Tony (from the Cotswold Bookstore) was waiting to collect me.

I arrived at the shop about 3.30 pm. After chatting with Nina and David, who'd been finalising the preparations, I went up to the stockroom and began working my way through the pre-ordered copies needing to be mailed out a.s.a.p. I signed almost continuously until 8.30 in the evening, then stopped for a well-earned cup of tea!

On Saturday morning, the TRO Booklaunch was due to start a 11 am - but when I arrived at 10.30 there was already a queue running the length of the shop, so I decided to get busy right away as it was rather drizzly and I didn't want anyone having to wait outside again like last year.

Signing your name a gazillion times isn't the most fun a person can have - but what makes a signing event special is meeting fans of the books. First in line was Arthur, who, like many of the people I met, I remembered from last year; determined to get the very first copy, he and his sister, Nia, had been waiting since nine o'clock! I also met Josh, (winner of the recent JT competition), so I was able to hand over his prize doodled copies in person. Another young man brought in a sheaf of notes detailing the various hidden clues he'd found ... something that always brightens my day! I wish I could've talked to him for longer.

Another thing that pleased me enormously was the amount of people who'd been loyal fans of JT since the original 2006 "Interrobang" version, some of whom had travelled long distances to get their long-awaited copies a few weeks early. I enjoyed chatting to them all, and regret being unable to spend more time with them ... but the queue didn't seem to be getting any shorter.

I said goodbye to the last customer about two o'clock, after signing for over three hours non-stop. I then dashed upstairs to sign some spare copies in case any late orders came through. By the time I finished, all of Mrs Kof's Banana & Chocolate-chip Cake had vanished, (I blame Eliza), and we all decided that the wonderful Clock-Cake was simply too nice to cut into! Once again, there wasn't enough time to chat to Nina and find out what clues she'd found ... or discuss her theories as to what will happen to the Thyme family next. (After a few years of studying JT's "hidden clues" in microscopic detail, she's now scarily good at deductions (or fluke guesses, as Tony calls them!) Maybe she's starting to see how my brain works ... or perhaps a future version of me has travelled into her past and loaned her book three!

At three o'clock, my time in the Cotswolds was over. I caught the return train "just in time" (with barely 10 seconds to spare) ... and a few hours later I was safely back in good old Drumnadrochit!

I dozed for most of Sunday ... but it was nice to think of all those people busily reading their copies of "Thyme Running Out". I hope they're all enjoying themselves!

My thanks to everyone who came to the event - and extra-special thanks to the entire team at the Cotswold Bookstore; it was a day I'll never forget!

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Thank you to all the book-bloggers who hosted clues, and to everyone who took part in the JUSTIN THYME competition. I was thrilled by the enormous amount of entries ... far more than I'd imagined.

The names of all those who emailed in their answers were put into my trusty panama hat and Burbage picked the winners out at random. Here's the result:

First place - Josh - winning the hardback doodled copies of JT & TRO.
Runner up - Kim - winning a signed paperback copy of JT.
Bookmark winners - Simon and Kathy.

Eliza has kindly donated both of her bookmarks too ... so I'm pleased to announce a further two bookmark winners : Aleksandra and Hannah.

I'll be emailing you later today to check your snail-mailing addresses!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

COMPETITION THYME ... Time Running Out!

The "Justin Thyme" Competition closes at midnight tonight (Wednesday) so if you haven't entered already you have just a few hours left to find the clues! So, get busy ... the links you need are in the previous blog-post immediately below this one ...

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


To celebrate the paperback release of "Justin Thyme" I'm running a special week-long competition (open to all blog-readers worldwide), with signed/doodled copies of both "JUSTIN THYME" and forthcoming sequel "THYME RUNNING OUT" as the first prize.

It's a sort of SCAVENGER HUNT! All readers have to do is visit the participating blogs, (links to them all below), note down the letters and numbers on the Justin Thyme Bookmarks, (see photo above - click to enlarge), then rearrange the letters in numerical order. This spells out a secret message, (Justin's description of himself).

Email your answer to me at panamaoxridge (at) btinternet (dot) com - (but don't put it in the comments where everyone else can see it!)

The competition will close on September 7th, when a winner, (picked at random from the correct entries) will be announced (on the 8th).
Here are the participating blogs you'll need to visit:

1) The Tartan of Thyme Blog
Great! You've found the 1st one already

Your letters/numbers are:13-J and 9 - U.

DON'T PANIC - you have a full week to visit them all!
Here are the prize copies - they have original colour artwork added to the title page. This is a signed hardback copy of "Justin Thyme" ...
And this is the (as yet unreleased) hardback of "Thyme Running Out" ...
The winner's books will be mailed out on September 8th ... so you'll get your copy of "Thyme Running Out" ahead of absolutely ANYBODY!

I also have two of the bookmarks to give away - winners of these will be picked at random out of a) anyone who submits a competition answer, and b) any Clan Member (blog-follower) ... so click to follow the Tartan of Thyme Blog and you'll double your chances of getting a bookmark! Above all, have fun exploring blogland looking for all the clues! Why not leave comments and say "Hello" to the bloggers you visit?!

Competition Disclaimers

Competition open worldwide.
Neither the publisher nor I will be held responsible for prizes/bookmarks lost in the mail.
I reserve the right to end the competition before its original deadline without prior notice, or disqualify an entrant should I see fit.
The winning entrants will be contacted by email after the close of the competition, and will have 48 hours to reply with their postal address. Failure to do so in time will result in another winner being randomly selected.


With the release of "Thyme Running Out" now one month away (or just 10 days off if you order your signed copies from the Cotswold Bookstore Launch), this is an excellent time to finalise your theories about what happens next.

Longterm readers of "Justin Thyme" may already have recorded any clues they've found in the special notebook section at the back of the book. If not, now would be an ideal time to reread JT, because all the clues and codes you need to know what happens next are right there in book one!

If you're new to the Tartan of Thyme, and have only just ordered your paperback copy of JT, you still have plenty of time to make your deductions. Get reading ... then swap your theories with friends, discuss the various suspects ... and don't forget to keep a careful note of all your ideas at the back of "Justin Thyme". There's an abundance of clues ... why not see if you can crack them now ... and be one jump ahead of genius Justin!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

JUSTIN THYME - Competition Time!

To celebrate the publication of "Justin Thyme" in paperback, there will be a special competition open to ALL blog-readers. The competition will open on September 1st (publication day), running for one week - and many regular book-bloggers will be participating by hosting clues (LETTERS and NUMBERS). To win, simply find all the letters by visiting each of the participating blogs in turn (links will be posted here at the TOT blog) and then rearrange them in numerical order!

First prize will be special hardback copies of both "Justin Thyme" and forthcoming sequel "Thyme Running Out". Each book will include original colour artwork which I've added to the title page, along with a hand-written quote from the book and, of course, the customary author's signature.

Further prizes (of signed limited edition JT bookmarks) will also be available at this blog and at other participating book-blogs throughout the week.

There will be just 40 of these signed/numbered bookmarks, each coming in a hand-decorated presentation card. Each card is stamped on the front with an hourglass design which I've edged in gold and colourised; inside, I've written the first line of the story and even added my fingerprint!Each participating blogger will be sent one of these bookmarks as a gift - along with another to offer as a "give-away" prize to their readers. All the participating bloggers need to do is to upload a photo of their bookmarks on September 1st, making sure the LETTERS and NUMBERS are clearly visible, (or I can send bloggers a photo by email if that's easier!)If you are a book-blogger and would like to take part in this unique competition, email me at panamaoxridge (at) btinternet (dot) com ... there's still just a couple of places left!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Special "Thyme Running Out" Bookmark!

I've had a few e-mails asking if there will be any promotional items available for the publication of TRO - so I'm pleased to announce that there will be a special signed Booklaunch bookmark.

It will be exclusively available at the Cotswold Bookstore launch event; given away with each of the first 150 copies of TRO to be sold, (up to a maximum of ten per customer). Arrive early to ensure you don't miss out!

More news for book collectors coming soon ...

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Spreading the Word!

With only about 5 weeks to go before the "Thyme Running Out" launch at the Cotswold Bookstore, David, Nina and Tony are wearing special TRO tee-shirts to promote the book. They really do go above and beyond the call of duty. The official release date of the "Justin Thyme" paperback is even closer - and plans are being finalised for a special blog-based competition on the publication date (September 1st).

Also, my special thanks to Darren of Bookzone, who has just written an excellent guest post at the My Favourite Books blog, entilted: Bookzone 4 Boys Recommends Five Books for Boys. One of his recommended books is "Justin Thyme". Click above to read the post, including the nice things he says about JT!

Armando Pixage

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Although I announced the date of the "Thyme Running Out" launch a few weeks ago, (10th of September 2011), I can now confirm the starting time (different to last year): I'll begin signing books at 11 am.

If you are planning to attend, I recommend arriving early - there will be a special treat for the first few in the queue. More details later ...

If you're unable to come but would still like to obtain a signed copy of TRO, then the Cotswold Bookstore are willing to mail them out immediately after the signing, (so you'll still get them well ahead of the official release date). To enquire, email them at or telephone 01608 652666.

Morgan de Paxia

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

"Thyme Running Out" - Back Cover

As promised last week, here is a look at TRO's back cover design.

In style and colours the dust-jacket intentionally matches JT - and, once again, has the blurb written in the X/hourglass shape. It includes photos of the Old Thyme Clock and Justin's (converted motorbike) time machine, plus a few other bits and pieces that feature in the story.

Click the picture for a larger view!

Ariadne Gampox

Saturday, 16 July 2011

"Justin Thyme" in Paperback

I had another exciting package in today's mail - an early copy of the "Justin Thyme" paperback! This is due for official release on the 1st of September 2011 ... just a few weeks away.

Compared to the HB, (above), it's smaller - more compact, although with a slightly higher page-count, (because the different size/format meant the internal layout had to be adjusted leading to a few extra pages here and there).

I'm really pleased with how it's turned out; hopefully, it will help bring JT to a wider audience - and might also come in handy for TOT fans who want to pencil any clues they find in the margins (but don't want to spoil their 1st edition HB).

For readers who first discover JT through the paperback there's good news: you won't have long to wait for part two of the story, as "Thyme Running Out" is officially release just one month later - and those coming to the book-launch will get their copies almost three weeks earlier!

I've prepared a special limited edition bookmark to mark the JT PB publication, and have plans for a blog-based competition. More news of that shortly.

Adrian Moxpage

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

TRO - Advance Copy Arrives

In the Thyme universe memorable things seem to happen on the thirteenth day of the month - so it was uncannily appropriate that my advance copy of "Thyme Running Out" should arrive today.

It's been great to finally hold a real three dimensional copy of TRO, after having nothing but mounds of type-written pages for eons. I was especially pleased to see the dust-jacket, which, up until now, I've only seen on my computer screen. The front cover, with its reds, blues, purples and gold hourglass looks really vibrant and eye-catching. (I'll probably post a photo of the back cover in my next post).

The book itself - at 448 pages - feels substantial and has a look of quality about it. I'm delighted with it ... and feel sure that readers of JT will not be disappointed. My thanks to Inside Pocket for doing a splendid job!

Dr Eamon Agapix

Thursday, 30 June 2011


The Cotswold Bookstore have been busy mailing out hundreds of TRO postcards to last year's mail order customers.

I, also, having been allotted a few cards of my own, wrote and mailed them out today, keeping just one for myself ... and another that will be part of a prize for a forthcoming competition, (watch this space!)

Talking of postage, the nice people at the Cotswolds have kindly offered a special postage rate for customers ordering signed copies of TRO. Their P & P charge for two books will be the same as for one - especially handy for those who haven't read JT yet, or want an extra TRO copy as a gift!

Dorian Pegamax

Saturday, 25 June 2011

"THYME RUNNING OUT" - Book-launch Details

As promised, I am now able to confirm the details of the TRO book-launch. It will take place, (as before), at the Cotswold Bookstore on the 10th of September 2011. That's less than three months away - and is especially good news for those eagerly awaiting the Tartan of Thyme Part 2, as this is three weeks ahead of the official release date of Oct 1st.

I will be there signing HB copies of "Thyme Running Out" ... (and also hardback/paperback copies of "Justin Thyme" for any who might want them.

Better still, if you are unable to make it in person, but would still like a signed/dated copy of TRO ahead of the official release, then you can pre-order copies from the Cotswold Bookstore. I will sign/date these during my visit, and they will be mailed out first thing the following week.

If you would like to get in contact with the Cotswold Bookstore, their address is: 20 High Street, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 0AF.
Telephone: 01608 652666. E-mail:
Or click this link to their Blog.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

TRO Official Release Dates

I now have the official release dates for both the hardback of "Thyme Running Out" (JT2), and the paperback of "Justin Thyme".

Hardback - 448 Pages
Released 1st of October 2011
ISBN13: 978-0956712202

Paperback - 384 pages
Released 1st September 2011
ISBN13: 978-0956712288

Signed copies of both will be available at the TRO launch in the Cotswolds. I hope to confirm the launch date with the Cotswold Bookstore in the next week or so, and will then post details here.

Gardenia Pomax

Sunday, 1 May 2011


What Ho!

I've been hibernating - but spring has arrived, so I guess it's time for me to wake up.
It's May the 1st today - which is an important date in the Tartan of Thyme universe - (amongst other things, it's the date that part one - "Justin Thyme" - begins). Therefore, it seems an appropriate occasion to announce the title of part two, which will be called "Thyme Running Out" ... and to release the cover image.

Further details about the release/launch to follow.

Pam Onixradge