Thursday, 30 June 2011


The Cotswold Bookstore have been busy mailing out hundreds of TRO postcards to last year's mail order customers.

I, also, having been allotted a few cards of my own, wrote and mailed them out today, keeping just one for myself ... and another that will be part of a prize for a forthcoming competition, (watch this space!)

Talking of postage, the nice people at the Cotswolds have kindly offered a special postage rate for customers ordering signed copies of TRO. Their P & P charge for two books will be the same as for one - especially handy for those who haven't read JT yet, or want an extra TRO copy as a gift!

Dorian Pegamax


  1. Hello P,

    Thanks very much for sending me one,will keep it in my prized JT collection. Really looking forward to reading the next instalment.

    Have great weekend!


  2. Glad it arrived safely! Hope you have an excellent weekend too.