Tuesday, 30 August 2011


With the release of "Thyme Running Out" now one month away (or just 10 days off if you order your signed copies from the Cotswold Bookstore Launch), this is an excellent time to finalise your theories about what happens next.

Longterm readers of "Justin Thyme" may already have recorded any clues they've found in the special notebook section at the back of the book. If not, now would be an ideal time to reread JT, because all the clues and codes you need to know what happens next are right there in book one!

If you're new to the Tartan of Thyme, and have only just ordered your paperback copy of JT, you still have plenty of time to make your deductions. Get reading ... then swap your theories with friends, discuss the various suspects ... and don't forget to keep a careful note of all your ideas at the back of "Justin Thyme". There's an abundance of clues ... why not see if you can crack them now ... and be one jump ahead of genius Justin!