Wednesday, 17 August 2011

JUSTIN THYME - Competition Time!

To celebrate the publication of "Justin Thyme" in paperback, there will be a special competition open to ALL blog-readers. The competition will open on September 1st (publication day), running for one week - and many regular book-bloggers will be participating by hosting clues (LETTERS and NUMBERS). To win, simply find all the letters by visiting each of the participating blogs in turn (links will be posted here at the TOT blog) and then rearrange them in numerical order!

First prize will be special hardback copies of both "Justin Thyme" and forthcoming sequel "Thyme Running Out". Each book will include original colour artwork which I've added to the title page, along with a hand-written quote from the book and, of course, the customary author's signature.

Further prizes (of signed limited edition JT bookmarks) will also be available at this blog and at other participating book-blogs throughout the week.

There will be just 40 of these signed/numbered bookmarks, each coming in a hand-decorated presentation card. Each card is stamped on the front with an hourglass design which I've edged in gold and colourised; inside, I've written the first line of the story and even added my fingerprint!Each participating blogger will be sent one of these bookmarks as a gift - along with another to offer as a "give-away" prize to their readers. All the participating bloggers need to do is to upload a photo of their bookmarks on September 1st, making sure the LETTERS and NUMBERS are clearly visible, (or I can send bloggers a photo by email if that's easier!)If you are a book-blogger and would like to take part in this unique competition, email me at panamaoxridge (at) btinternet (dot) com ... there's still just a couple of places left!


  1. Hello Panama,
    I have just received the two bookmarks. They are things of beauty. Now I'm torn as to which I keep and which I surrender to one of the undeserving! Or shall I just run away now, clutching them both.
    You will find out on September first. Will my photograph appear on
    or will I send you a postcard from the Bahamas?

  2. Thank you. Glad you like the bookmarks & presentation cards. It took a long time to do all the artwork on each one by hand - but book-bloggers do such an excellent job reviewing and promoting books, that I wanted them to have something nice (something personally done)they could keep.

  3. I got the bookmarks too - they're beautiful! I've already chosen the one I'll keep! My first comment was basically wondering how much work it must have taken to draw 40 of them. :D Great work!

    ComaCalm's Corner

  4. Thanks for letting me know they've arrived!

    Yes ... it took quite a long while to colour each card by hand ... but it was sorting out the letters and numbers (then double & triple checking I'd got them all correct) that probably took the longest!

  5. Hi, I am Zoe from the book blog Bookhi. Are there any places left available for the Scavenger Hunt? Your book sounds great :-)

  6. Hell Zoe ... it's a bit on the last minute as all the bookmarks have been mailed out ... but I do have a spare pair I could mail out tomorrow, and I could send you a photo of them to post tonight, along with the competition info. I've emailed you - I'd need a reply/confirmation in the next hour, so I can alter the blog-links before they go live at midnight.