Thursday, 8 September 2011


Thank you to all the book-bloggers who hosted clues, and to everyone who took part in the JUSTIN THYME competition. I was thrilled by the enormous amount of entries ... far more than I'd imagined.

The names of all those who emailed in their answers were put into my trusty panama hat and Burbage picked the winners out at random. Here's the result:

First place - Josh - winning the hardback doodled copies of JT & TRO.
Runner up - Kim - winning a signed paperback copy of JT.
Bookmark winners - Simon and Kathy.

Eliza has kindly donated both of her bookmarks too ... so I'm pleased to announce a further two bookmark winners : Aleksandra and Hannah.

I'll be emailing you later today to check your snail-mailing addresses!


  1. Oh well, at least i've still got my copy of TRO from cotswolds to look forward to

  2. That's good ... I'm really sorry I didn't have something for everyone who entered. That's the problem with competitions ... always more people who are disappointed than those who win!

  3. Woohoo! Thank you so much it was really fun XD
    Congratulations to all other winners as well ^_~

  4. well done to all the winners sort of sad but haho thats how my life works! well i hope i can still order the second book

  5. Cheer up, Anonymous - if it's any comfort to you, my life seems to work like that too. I'm one of those people whose toast usually lands buttery-side down!
    If only I'd had enough first prizes for everyone ... but then I guess it wouldn't have been a competition.
    On the plus side ... the fact that you took a few moments to congratulate the winners suggests to me that you are a truly nice person ... and I'm sure that doesn't go unnoticed and unappreciated by those around you even if, perhaps, you're not always aware of it.
    With all my best wishes,

  6. Great competition, much fun, thanks for running it. Well done to the winners and runners up. (I was going to say this anyway, hope it doesn't look like I'm fishing for compliments as well:-))