Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Justin’s time machine is a converted vintage Norton motorbike and sidecar. Actually, it’s the sidecar, (or chronopod), that contains all the time-travelling technology, while the bike just makes it easier to move through the three standard dimensions of space.

I‘m told that this splendid old Norton motorcycle and sidecar, (pictured above), will be on display outside the Cotswold Bookstore for the forthcoming booklaunch. I’m looking forward to seeing it; the bike looks pretty much as I imagined - although the sidecar is slightly different, (Justin’s pod is more egg-shaped and closed-in on top), but it is exactly the right colour.

Anyway, it’s similar enough to make me feel I should check beneath the seat to ensure the negative-energy generator and antigravity units have been wired in correctly!

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