Monday, 13 September 2010


The queue going into the Cotswold Bookstore -
and the old Norton motorbike & sidecar (Justin's time machine).
Tony and David outside their shop.

Tony sneaks a piece of Mrs Kof's homemade shortbread.

Once the crowds of people had disappeared, Eliza (who'd
been busy in the stock-room helping move heavy piles of books),
came downstairs and chatted to this mysterious-looking
stranger hiding behind a copy of "Justin Thyme".
More photos here & here at the Cotswold Bookstore blog
and here at the Inside Pocket blog.
Armando Pixage


  1. I know I was busy that day but I really do not remember Eliza putting her head round the door!

  2. Aha! Despite her large size she can move with incredible stealth, and has a wild creature's uncanny knack of being able to blend with her surroundings. The crowds unsettled her that day, so she kept well hidden; it was only when my lunchtime banana vanished out of my briefcase that I realised she had to be close by. I saw her walk right past you about half way through the afternoon - but you had your nose wedged deep inside Mrs Kof's shortbread tin at the time.

  3. I loved Eliza's character...I could do with an eliza in my household to keep kids at bay while I read the book yet again :)

  4. Every household should have a gorilla. They make excellent baby-sitters. However, as they tend to take instructions rather literally, you need to explain that they mustn't actually *sit* on the babies!

  5. Couple picked up grandson's copy of the book at 11 am. Phoned at 2pm. 'We dipped into it - can we have another for ourselves please.'

    Had comment today from a dear lady in her 80s, possibly 90s, who is enjoying the book but hasn't spotted any clues yet. Reading age 9 and up, up, UP!