Friday, 3 September 2010


Eliza has asked me to mention that if your family has a gorilla, be sure to bring her, (or, preferably, him) along to the Cotswold Bookstore on Saturday September 11th, from 2 pm onwards.

She feels that although humans are usually well looked after at book-signings, gorillas are often overlooked ... sometimes not invited ... and, occasionally, left in the car. To make sure this doesn't happen at the JT launch, Eliza travelled down to the Cotswolds yesterday, taking a small consignment of bananas - some of which have now been placed in the window display.

Eliza would especially like to make the acquaintance of any hunky male silverbacks aged eight and above, weighing 400lbs or more. Muscular build preferred; computer skills not essential.

Madigan Oxpear


  1. Look at all them books. I could build a tartan house out of them. Look really eye catching. Watch out you don't slip into an old acquaintance. Mad oxigan pear.

  2. Yes, I'll have to be careful. Imaginary banana skins are a constant hazard ... one of the drawbacks of having an imaginary gorilla!