Wednesday, 15 December 2010


It was exciting to see JUSTIN THYME mentioned in the Sunday Times last week, (Culture Supplement 05/12/10). Nicolette Jones featured JT in her choice of the year's best children's books, saying "the story is remarkable" and describing it as the "curiosity of the year". Also listed in the 9 - 12 year-olds section were: Billionaire Boy by David Walliams, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, Ghost Hunter by Michelle Paver, My Name is Mina by David Almond, Reckless by Cornelia Funke, and A Really Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.

To read the JT segment, click here.

Dora-Mae Paxing


  1. All we need is book two now,as some of us have been waiting for some time.

    How's it going?

  2. It's going well, thank you. Book 2 in the series is almost complete. Right now it's taking all my time and concentration tying all the loose ends together in the last couple of chapters; I haven't got a brain cell spare for anything else!

    For the few who read the original JT back in 2006/07 it has, indeed, been a long wait. I don't know any definite publication date for JT2 as yet ... but certainly sometime 2011.

    However, as it's important that the newly published (2010) version JT1 finds a good following of readers first, there will be a JT1 paperback released before the hardback JT2 in 2011. Again, I'm not sure when.

    Thanks for asking. I'll keep you posted.

  3. Thanks you Sir,

    Hope you don't work too hard over the Christmas period and have a good one.

    I think you should find your way on Twitter at some point,it would be good to see you there!