Friday, 27 August 2010


Only two weeks to go before the official launch of "Justin Thyme" (at the Cotswold Bookstore, 2pm, Saturday September 11th).

I hear the books were delivered to the shop yesterday - and having seen this photograph of the enormous pile, I have to admit feeling slightly terrified! What if nobody turns up? What if Mrs Kof hasn't made enough shortbread? What if my time machine malfunctions? What if Eliza eats all the bananas?

Fortunately, over 275 copies have been pre-ordered ... so I'll be too busy to worry about Eliza.

Meanwhile, I'd better get practicing signature!

Max de Paragoni


  1. Yes, it IS exciting ... and just a bit overwhelming. It's been several years since I last did a book-signing event - although that particular one (in Paris) was an unforgetable experience!